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Shenzhen Abestview Tchnology Co.,Ltd , established in 201 , is a professional innovative high-tech enterprise , engaged in R&D , production, sales  specializing in custom mini lens, ear cleaning camera, oral camera, industrial camera.


                       Product Involved

Ear Cleaning Endoscope

Oral Dental Camera

Industrial Endoscope


                        Our Commission

Our strong Quality Control department gugarantees high quality by applying AQL(1.5-4.0) standards for inspection of each goods. We always pay close attention to the latest market demand on the basis of the market research and have refined R&D department, which is actively engaged in developing new models and designs by using advanced technology, in order to satisfy customers from every corner of the world. We try to develop new products to improve ourselves and meet the demand of the current market as well as new markets.

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Contact: Jessica Xiao

Phone: 13530972547

Tel: 13530972547


Add: 6/F, Building 3, Donglongxing Industrial Zone, No. 43 Huaning Road, Longhua, Shenzhen

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